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Radio Station: #PlaylistUnderConstruction

The smoothest lo-fi hip hop instrumental beats 24 hours a day perfect for lounging while you cook, study, skate, meditate, exercise, pray, gym, travel or relax with friends!

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Featured music is exclusively from members of the [Loading] community. There are about +/- 400 songs/beats being played here from the community's back catalog. More songs are being added regularly, so stay tuned! This project has & will grow over time, with new artists being added.

[Loading] is an online music community that is home to the long-running Weekly Playlist. The Playlists are run entirely by members of the [Loading] community. Members have competed, collaborated & produced a ton of great music over the years. Known for curating the most cutting edge underground talent & showcasing them in the most authentic setting to create a series you won’t find anywhere else.

Anyone can participate, you can learn more here - [Loading]
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Artwork: https://unsplash.com/@krissmas

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Due to network problems, the broadcast can be suspended at any time. It is supposed to be a 24/7 live stream but every now & then there might be technical issues. But do not worry, it will be restored in the shortest time under a new URL.The setup is still being updated.
*Don't panic if it goes down again. launched a stream test.
*I'm looking forward to feedback to perfect it for you!

Updates to come:
*Live Chat
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*fix back up & buffer issues

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This channel may post videos with flashing lights and visual patterns that may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Q : Why did i start this channel?
A : I wanted to share various niche communities on the Internet. Having discovered a community of producers making all this happen – sharing artists, creating a community and helping people and each other.

Q : When does the Voice Broadcasting usually start?
A : It usually starts at 23:00~24:00 [East European Time]. The date will be picked randomly once or twice a week. For the streaming schedule/announcements, please check my socials[loading]