Waiting for the world population to hit 7,800,000,000 (With NCS Music 8D Audio + EarthCam of NYC)

Waiting for the world population to hit 7,800,000,000 (With NCS Music 8D Audio + EarthCam of NYC) Listen

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Yeah you heard the title right! Share your thoughts on what's happening around the world or whatever you're happy with in the chat.
I hope everyone is doing safe and healthy.
Be nice to each other and enjoy yourself!

This official live stream started in 31st May, but it restarted many times.
This stream is restarting sometimes due to server connection error and live stream bitrate being low. If you see that this stream is offline, it means it might be restarting, if it restarted, the stream would remain offline and unavailable, it it doesn't, it will be resumed and everything will be back as it is.
This stream will not end without reaching it's goal of 7.8B, if it ever ended before that, you all know the reason.

Tips: For the best experience with the 8D audio, wear headphones.

Any questions? (FAQ is below) Type it in the Live chat, let others give the answer or I'll be glad to answer it for you guys WHEN I'm online!

Note: There will be lag for the live NYC Cam as making it low latency is not possible at the moment.
For your safety, do not share your private information that you're uncomfortable with and be aware about what you're typing. This is a no swearing server. This entire stream is not 100% real time interaction, including the clock, the stream interaction would be a few seconds behind.

Not much, just mind your language and enjoy yourself!

Music has always brighten up my day whenever, wherever or however, it doesn't matter.
Support me by watching my other videos and donate if you want! :D
Subscribe to me if you want, hope you enjoy this live stream!

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Why are you doing this?
I'm doing this because I was bored and wanted to vibe around with you guys.

What is the intention of this live stream?
There isn't a specified purpose of this stream. It's mainly for relaxing. For people to view the current population of the world and the top 10 country's population live, view the live cam of NYC and the time of it, hear the 8D audio of NCS, chat with other people around the world, share their thoughts or ask questions, basically just enjoy themselves and not to take this live stream too seriously.

Is this real or fake?
Yes, this is real, not fake. The calculations are not 100% accurate but it is the most accurate compared to other systems.

Does it count deaths?
Yes it does count both birth and deaths.

How long will this take?
It will most likely be after Jun somewhere, not sure of the exact date.

I have subscribed, why does the counter not increase?
This counter only increases per 100 subscribers. Not one by one because there are problem with the live counters. It is stated below the live subscriber count in the video (Only counts per 100 subs).

How do I donate?
Click on the money icon below the chat box.

How much is the minimum donation by YouTube?
I do not set any minimum price. The donation depends on the currency you're using.

Is this camera legal?
Yes this camera is legally licensed and shot live by Earthcam, I do not own it.

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The world population indicator is by Worldometer Clocks.
It is the most accurate compared to other indicators.
Obviously the UN data is based on estimates and can't be 100% accurate.
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