What can nature do for us?

What can nature do for us? Listen

A livestream from Cambridge Conservation Initiative published in Nature

There is an increasing focus on the natural world’s role in underpinning the systems humanity depends on. Yet many of the natural systems humanity relies on are under threat: half of the top ten risks in terms of impact identified by the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2019 are environmental risks.

At this event, livestreamed from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, a distinguished panel of business leaders, academics and conservation practitioners will share their insights into nature’s contributions to sustainability, business, health, equality, justice and climate change mitigation and adaptation. The discussion will illustrate the extent to which nature is key to the delivery of the whole set of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and stimulate conversation on the role that business can play in developing nature-based solutions that reverse the loss of biodiversity at scale.

Chair of panel: Professor Stephen Toope, Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

Professor Bhaskar Vira, Professor of Political Economy, University of Cambridge
Ms Inger Andersen, Director General, IUCN
Ms Patricia Zurita, CEO, BirdLife International
Ms Corli Pretorius, Deputy Director, UN Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Dr Joanna Elliott, Director of Partnerships, Fauna & Flora International
Mr André Hoffmann, WEF Board member and CCI Advisory Board member
Dr Ruth Davis, Deputy Director of Global Programmes, RSPB

Closing of panel: Sir David Attenborough