Funkhop Radio 🔮 Beats to Study to

Funkhop Radio 🔮 Beats to Study to Listen

A livestream from Ballistic Live published in Funk

Funkhop Radio 🔮 Beats to Study to
Ballistic Live is live streaming the best Funkhop Radio for you 24/7! We have the best Funkhop & Jazz Hop Beats for you to study to and to use as study music!

🔮 What is Funkhop?
"A type of music that get's your body grooving to the tune, but then also has your head bobbing to the beat."

🔮 Support the following artist that are featured in the stream, without their music this wouldn't be a thing!:
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Joakim Karud -
(this list will continue to grow as we expand our song library)

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🔮 Notice:
I do not own any rights to this music, all rights go to the respective artists. However we got permission from all artists to use their music in this stream.