Sleep Instantly in Metal Tent with Heavy Rainstorm & Powerful Thunder on Tin Roof in Forest at Night

Sleep Instantly in Metal Tent with Heavy Rainstorm & Powerful Thunder on Tin Roof in Forest at Night Listen

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Sleep Instantly in Metal Tent with Heavy Rainstorm & Powerful Thunder on Tin Roof in Forest at Night

Caring for Your Soul: The Great Benefits of "Hearing the Rain" in Your Calmness
The bustle of the city chokes you. Sometimes you don't know how to overcome the stress of your body and mind. At that time, scientists will give you advice. The sound of rain is soothing and calms the tired and fearful mind.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the sound of rain is one of the most loved sounds of each person's childhood. For previous generations, the sound of rain was like a piece of heaven and earth. It rained a little as it reached the yard, scrutinized the corrugated iron roof, and occasionally ran in heavy rain. When the rain stopped, the water droplets on the thatched roof slowly dripped down the veranda, making a clear sound, paying close attention to the feeling.
How many times have you heard the rain, breathed in the scent of the earth, and found that your soul is filled with freshness, freshness, and a little dreamy feeling? And how long have you forgotten how amazing the sounds of heaven and earth are?

Either you've been so old you've forgotten the sound of rain, or if you're young, you don't remember much about it, and you're an outgoing person and you don't pay much attention to the little things. Hey, the next scientific discovery will probably give you another clue. When your mind is too tired, look for the sound of rain.
The sound of rain is a quiet sound.
Do not forget about the gentle gift of nature.
In addition to sound, rain brings a unique scent. The smell of rain carries the smell of cool, wet soil. The sweet smell easily brings us back to our peaceful childhood memories. These memories will evoke pleasant and comfortable feelings.
Rain is a special gift of nature to man and to all things.
When you're in a stressful state of chaos, don't seek out stimulants like alcohol, beer, and cigarettes, or expensive but addictive hobbies like shopping. There are still many other healthier ways to help restore emotional balance. Hearing the rain is an example.
When you are sad or stressed, you may not be able to find a place for a shower right away, and there are many videos on the Internet of the sound of rain and waves.
Or, if you are lucky enough to live near a place like a river, stream, sea, or only a very small lake, go there. Watching the ripples and listening to the calming water crashing against the shore can also help relieve boredom and reduce the negative thoughts that plague your mind. There you will be able to relax, reflect on what is happening and most importantly, look back.

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